From rare wildcrafted herbs to precious essential oils, luxuriant butters, floral essences and even candelilla wax. From the mountains of Japan to the woodlands of Europe, the plantations of Australia and the rainforests of Malaysia. No expense is spared to source the finest ingredienst with the highest bioactive compounts. 


The unique attributes and beneficial properties of every ingredient is meticulously examined. Every single ingredient serves a purpose - nothing unncessary is added, nothing is wasted. A little goes a long way, thanks to the higher concentration of compounds. 


We push boundaries in our quest for botanical alternatives, even utilising natural phenolic constituents in ingredients to act as preservatives that retard microbial activity and putrefaction. Vigorous testing ensures our formulations do not contain elements toxic to your wellbeing. Even the colourants in our formulations are 100% derived from natural plant-based or superfood. Although it is rather challenging to formulate with natural colours with high pigmentation, we stay align to our values in sourcing our ingredients ethically. This is after the whole controvesy of illegal mining of mica by child labours in obtaining the raw material. 


Our ingredients are sourced globally from premium artisan suppliers that emphasise on purity and quality. The ingredients are also ethically sourced for transparency and tracebility with no animal testing. Whever possible, we use certified organic ingrdients or ECO-Cert Approved ingredients. Unlike so-called 'natural' products that divulge a host of chemicals in their ingredient list, all Jeanie Botanicals products are formulated totally devoid of synthetic chemicals.