Jeanie Botanicals advocates the healing power of nature. Gentle and safe botanical ingredients. Passion in product innovation and development. Powerful and effective eco-friendly formulations. Holistic research and advanced science. These are out distinctive trademarks. 

For us, it's always quality over quantity. We believe in nothing less than 100% pure and natural ingredients. Distilling nature's treasures through advanced science, our products are created through extensive research with the end benefits and users in mind. We take extraordinary care to use only premium plant-based ingredients. 


Our formulation are carefully crafted for maximum potency. Traditional methods and low-heat processing retain valuable nutrients, phytochemicals ad other bioactive compounds. We aim to deliver the highest standards of product quality and performance - powerfully effective products that are pure indulgence, yet gentle even on baby's delicate skin.


Sustainable health and beauty are so paramount to our business. We believe in living and working in harmony with nature. Thus, we always seek to limit our ecological footprint and proudly proclaim our commitment against the use of synthetic chemicals and unethical mining of raw materisl in The Jeanie Botanicals Promise.